This summer’s high temperatures and humidity are causing a large number of air conditioning failures.  

Frequently we hear that the repair “is not under warranty” when in fact it may be!  Here is the information you need to determine your warranty status:

  • The brand of your AC
  • Who distributes the product in your area
  • The Model and Serial Number 

You can locate your Model and Serial Number inside the top section of the unit and it is listed on the sidewall.  If you remove the door cover and look either right or left you should easily see the sticker or plate with this information on it.  NOTE:  if you have a downflow unit the information may be in the lower compartment.  Here is another thing that most people don’t know about AC warranties.  Manufacturers never cover the labor in a warranty situation.

You can do a simple Google search for your brand name and area search, for example, “Carrier Florida Distributor” or “Carrier Distributor Fort Myers”.  Call them with the above information to learn if your AC is still under the warranty period.

Generally speaking, most brand manufacturers provide a one (1) year parts and five (5) year compressor and coil warranty.  The start date for your warranty period is generally the date it was originally installed.  Finding the details of your warranty won’t necessarily answer the question of “is my unit under warranty?” unless you know the actual date of installation and know when the warranty began.  Often manufacturers will offer extended coverage if you register within 60 days of installation.  New home builders generally don’t file the warranty documents but rather the installer of your unit may have.  It is always a good idea to verify that your warranty registration was filed.

If your warranty has expired you have few options.  First, you may want to consider a whole home warranty to cover all of your major appliances.  Unfortunately, this option is only available if your AC unit is still working.  The remaining options are:

  1. Fix it yourself
  2. Hire a professional to fix it

One last tip:  Most companies will permit you to transfer the remaining portion of your warranty to the new owner if you sell or buy a house.  Contact your brand’s warranty department directly and ask for the new homeowner’s information and transfer fee cost.

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