We are frequently asked, “what should the humidity level be in our home while the home is unoccupied?” Our Best Practices are that Florida homes should maintain indoor humidity levels of 30-50%. Why?

Well, going above or below these levels can lead to problems like microbial and mildew growth, bacterial and viral growths which cause health issues such as respiratory infections and aggravate allergies. Outdoor humidity levels in SWFL are frequently as high as 90% or more which results in high indoor humidity levels. So to help you maintain a healthy indoor humidity level we measure your indoor humidity level every time we conduct a home observation report for you. We use a device called a hygrometer to measure humidity levels. Most new digital home thermostats display a humidity reading and for those that do not we suggest that you invest in a hygrometer. ThermPro is a reliable home hygrometer for about $15.00. We frequently find homes with high humidity levels and that’s common because of our naturally high humid climate. Here are some do-it-yourself methods that we use to dehumidify your home’s air:

  • Turn on your ceiling fans especially in areas prone to high humidity
  • Take cooler showers rather that hot steamy showers

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Think of your air conditioner as the “heart” of your home. The AC brings in warm, humid air and removes humidity before it distributes the air to the home. If you do not maintain your AC components like removing dust build-up from the evaporator coil it will cause the AC to remove less humidity from the air. Our Best Practice suggests that you have your AC serviced at least twice a year. Another critical component to maintain is your AC drip line. Left unchecked and cleaned out on a regular basis the line will clog up and cause the safety back up switches to shut down your AC altogether. THIS IS A VERY COMMON OCCURRENCE IN SWFL.
Our Best Practices suggest that you contract with a reliable HVAC service provider and Carefree will provide access to your property while you are away when service is required.


You may want to consider investing in a dehumidifier to help keep your home humidity levels in check while the home is unoccupied. You can get a high-quality dehumidifier in the range of $150-$300.00. Be sure to get a model that allows you to attach a hose to it and have the device empty the moisture extracted into your kitchen sink drain. Set the humidity level to 50%.

Carefree Home Watch helps you manage to the proper humidity levels on every visit by adjusting fan speeds, lowering your temperature or starting your dehumidifier.  Call us today for a free consultation at 239-234-1847 or contact us at info@carefreehomewatch.com.  Visit our website at www.carefreehomewatch.com.