A hot water recirculation system is a pumping system that moves hot water to fixtures quickly without waiting for the water to get hot.  Rather than running your water until it becomes hot a recirculating pump will move the water from the water heater to the open fixtures rapidly.

This type of system creates a loop from the water heater to the faucet and back again.  The unused hot water is drawn back through this loop by the pump, so when you turn on your hot water faucet, you get hot water immediately.  The pump works by increasing the water pressure at the water heater. A sensor will shut off the pump once the hot water has made a complete loop.

Investing in a hot water recirculating pump will save you money, especially if you have a larger family and use lots of water.  Normal water usage for a family of four should result in a savings of $50-75 dollars per year.  The estimated cost for a hot water recirculation pump is $200-300 and most can be easily installed without a plumber. However, some models will require a plumber to install them which will add to the expense.

Our best practice is to turn your water off whenever you are not in residence. The recirculation pump needs to be disconnected and turned off whenever your main water is off as well. This practice helps minimize premature failures and minimizes the risk of any water damage that may be caused by the hot water tank or recirculating pump.

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