Because we are trained professional Home Watch service provider’s, we know the importance of regular maintenance service for HVAC systems. We know that the AC filters should be changed on a regular basis; we know that regularly scheduled flushing for the drip line is a necessity given our tropical climate and the opportunity for algae build up in the line. We know these things. We perform these services on our own HVAC systems by having it serviced every 6 months, changing our filters every 90 days, and despite our best efforts we have had drip line failures three to four times a year.

AC drip lines clog for a variety of reasons and it is a major concern for our seasonal homeowners. The HVAC removes humidity from the air and dispenses the moisture via the drip line to the outside of your residence. Since it is directed outside the line accumulates fungus, bacteria and calcification that causes the line to clog up.  Once the line clogs up, it causes the HVAC inside to shut down. It is possible, given the right conditions, that mold can develop in your home within 72 hours.

Some homeowners have been told by their HVAC company to use bleach and/or vinegar as an effective way to minimize clogging.  We religiously used white vinegar in our drip line once a month and despite our best efforts the line would continue to plug.  When the technician was at our premises cleaning the line after our latest failure, I asked him if there was a sure-fire way of preventing drip line clogs?  He told me he has had success with a new product on the market that auto dispenses an eco-friendly solution directly into the drip line.  It is called ClogNever™.

ClogNever™ is an electronic device that uses an Eco-friendly solution to help prevent clogging of AC drip lines.  The device mounts to the side of your AC and has a line that drips the solution directly into your drip line. This patented device has a lithium battery which lasts for up to 5 years.  The result offers peace of mind that ClogNever™ will keep the drip line free of clogging.  So far, it has worked for us!

The product is available online at and on Amazon. A basic starter kit with mounting hardware, connectors, and 2-bottles of solution retail for about $69.00. Refill replacements run about $7.00 per bottle for a 3 pack.

This is my personal testimonial: “It works!”  Since installing ClogNever™ over 9 months ago we have not had a single drip line failure when we usually have three to four failures a year.