Concierge Services

Depending upon your needs, Carefree Home Watch® provides additional services such as Carefree Welcome Home and Departure, Carefree Meet & Greet, cleaning and other services.

Just let us know your request and we will make every attempt to accommodate your needs.

Carefree Car Services

If you leave a vehicle, it is important that it be run for a specified amount of time to keep batteries charged and tires round.

We recommend checking with your mechanic for the recommended driving schedule so we can help avoid flat spots on your car’s tires.

Carefree Welcome Home and Departure

We will prepare your home so that all you need to do when you arrive is turn the water on! And when you leave we will remove items from refrigerator, take out garbage, and other requests to make your arrival and departure as Carefree as possible.

Carefree Meet & Greet

If you allow guests to use your home or condo, we will meet them upon arrival and departure and provide assistance with anything that might come up during their stay.

Carefree Home Watch will coordinate cleaning and other services as requested.

Professional team access

If repairs are necessary on your home or condo, we have access to a network of licensed, insured and bonded contractors and will provide key in/out service for your home.

In addition, we will meet contractors, cleaning services or other delivery services while you are away.

• Cable, internet or phone providers
• Pest control services
• Appliance repairs
• Cleaning services
• Furniture deliveries
• Construction oversight

Shopping or errands

• Shopping for groceries prior to your return
• Post Office Pick Up/Delivery
• Package delivery to our location for added security

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